About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting our page! We are Malted Mutt and composed of two craft beer & dog lovers- Katie & Pete; and of course, our canine companion and taste-tester- Ziggy.
Ziggy is a young Australian Shepherd/ Catahoula mix with tons of energy to burn and no fear about what he eats. We are all natives to Inland Northwest area and are huge supporters of local business and improving our community in every possible way.
We make our Malted Mutt treats for Ziggy because we know they are made with only 100% natural and organic ingredients and are good for his active lifestyle. Ziggy loves them and we love making them! Every baking day, we typically play our music loud and share a tasty drink or two so as to thoroughly make the whole experience of baking an enjoyable one. You will notice music included on our labeling, because we know it helps our treats to bake extra delicious!
We decided to share our treats with friends, family, and local businesses to grow our little business into something larger. Our hope is to work with all of the breweries in our area and more!

Malted Mutt takes great care to be earth-friendly and sustainable in our business practices. We currently create our packaging from recycled paper bags and are continuously looking for more ways to keep our business GREEN & LOCAL.
We thank all of our friends, family, and local businesses who have been very positive and supportive of our endeavors, and we hope your mutts love our treats as much as we love making them! -MM